Dear Daddy

I wanted to have a little talk with you, something heart to heart. Something I know I’d never be able to say to you in person.  Dear Daddy,  I’ve all prioritized everyone I ever care about. Put them all before I put myself. The thought of losing the people I care about scares me. But… Continue reading Dear Daddy


I tell them I’m broken. I ask them to stay away.  They open their arms wide, Telling me they could heal. How do they not see, They’ll only be filling the cracks. The repair has to be done by me. 


Don’t tell me that you’re courageous if the thought of dying scares you.  Don’t challenge me because I’m not.  You live your life being careful with every step you take. You don’t live, you just don’t die.  Whereas, I live each moment like my last.  So when death does come for me, I don’t regret… Continue reading Death