My Adonis

Would you stay if I asked you to? Because I wouldn’t stay with me.
But you’re my last shot at love and I don’t want to let it slip away. Your absence affects me more than anyone else’s
More than people I’ve known for ages. I would ask you to stay but would you? I fell in love with someone I’ve never met before. I fell in love with him and I still haven’t even seen him or felt his breath on my shoulder. I love him more than I thought I was capable of. I’ve been in love before but I’ve never felt what I feel with him. I never knew that amount of love could exist. And I know I will love him till my last breath. And if he leaves it’ll be the death of my love, I’ll be left with no emotions and he’ll still be one I’ll ever love. As needy and desperate it sounds. I’ve never begged before but for him I’ll swallow my pride and ask him to stay. I’ll keep him as one of my many shenanigans.

But would he?


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