L: This is the love we all crave for but are scared of. This love just doesn’t touch your heart, it touches the soul. The very core of your existence. I don’t blame people. It is scary.

L: Imagine feeling it for the wrong person. It would be the death of your mind, body and soul.

S: The basic instinct of human psyche is fear.

L: Love triggers fear, whether you like it or not. Fear of losing the one you love.

S: I really do ‘want’ it and not ‘love’ it. 

L: Want is desire. Desire is a part of love, but it’s selfish. Love is selfless.

S: I believe behind everything there is a want, whether it be for yourself or for someone else. If it for yourself, it is selfish. 

S: But if it is for someone else, then, too it the satisfaction that you long for. That feeling is the purer form of desire.

L: The satisfaction you get when you make others happy is what we all should aim for. We’ve started putting ourselves before others, which I think is a good thing till some extent. We’ve become too hesitant to reach our inner desires. We are too scared to let others satisfy us. We find comfort in ourselves. 


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