Distress. Vanity. Torment. Love. Useful. Joy. Different words, different meanings. But are they really that different? Isn’t there pain in love? Isn’t there a little sense of worthlessness while being useful? Isn’t there a little agony in joy? Isn’t there pain in vanity? Distress in agony? Sorrow in torment? We suffer through the good and… Continue reading Vanity

My Demon

My depression was a demon and my anxiety was the villain sidekick. They go hand in hand, never one without the other and even worse together. When I looked in the mirror I couldn’t see myself anymore. It was the shadow of the demon with daunting red eyes, staring into my soul that wasn’t there… Continue reading My Demon


She looked over the city, while the gigantic Hawa Mahal stared at her. It’s was her unsettled heart versus the hustling noisy city. Yet somehow she found peace, she took her tiny sketchpad drew the busy streets, she took out all her rage on the tiny piece of paper. It could’ve been better, if she… Continue reading Aayushi.